A story of nautical ingenuity

Captain Tolley

Captain Tolley’s was developed by Peter ‘Tolley’ Jordan, an ex-ship’s captain with 30 years experience at sea. Skippering boats in all conditions he discovered most leaks weren’t caused by large obvious gaps but by small, hard to x hairline cracks. To x these he developed a penetrating sealant – one that would follow the path of the water to seal the leak at its source.

Peter launched Captain Tolley’s in 1986, where it was well received by sailors. From Arctic exploration vessels, to ancient sailing yachts, Captain Tolley’s has been responsible for many watertight voyages.

Captain Tolley
Captain Tolley

Boats, however, was only a starting point. Over the years a growing number of enthusiasts have used Captain Tolley’s for ever more innovative applications, ranging from broken coffee mugs to racing car leaks. It was even used recently to seal the UK Olympic stadium’s roof.

Today Captain Tolley’s has sold well over 1 million bottles across the world. The company is run by Peter’s wife Elizabeth and his son Josh, who have teamed up to bring Captain Tolley’s to an ever wider audience.

dependable since 1986
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