What is Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure?

Captain Tolley

Unique penetrating sealant

Captain Tolley’s is a low viscosity copolymer adhesive with exceptional penetrating properties.

Formulated to be as thin as water, Captain Tolley’s draws into hairline cracks and gaps using capillary action.

Captain Tolley’s can penetrate deep narrow cracks, to fill them and make them secure. Although it comes out of the tube white, it dries clear, so is perfect even for the more visible cracks on your caravan. One of the best things about it is water-based.

Captain Tolley

Waterproof Seal

Once in place, Captain Tolley’s creates a watertight seal that’s strong, flexible and clear in colour. Originally developed for marine waterproofing it stands up to the toughest conditions

  • Clear

  • Flexible

  • Strong

Compatible with nearly all materials

  • Rubber

  • Glass

  • Ceramics

  • Wood

  • Existing Sealants

  • Metals

  • Hard Plastics

  • Concrete

  • Fiberglass

How To Use Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove existing sealants before applying it?

Unlike conventional sealants it’s not necessary, as the sealant will penetrate cracks regardless of the materials involved

Is it affected by contact with other chemicals?

It has good chemical resistance. Once cured, the sealant is unaffected by most everyday chemicals

Can I paint over it?

It can be painted over successfully since so little of the sealant is exposed to the surface

Is it effected by sunlight?

No. The area exposed to sunlight is so small that it doesnu2019t present a problem

Is it toxic?

No. Unlike many sealants and glues it is water-based and non-toxic

How long does it take to cure?

It depends on the size of the repair, however, we recommend leave a 24-hour period for sealing to be on the safe side. The exposed edges of the sealant dry first; the sealant in the interior takes a little longer

How large can the crack be?

Captain Tolley's will only work on cracks and gaps approximately less than 1mm in width. Anything larger than this, then the capillary action formula wonu2019t work.

How do I remove Captain Tolley’s if I spill it?

Remove from hard surfaces with white spirit or methylated spirits

Can you apply whilst the area is damp?

It’s optimal if the area is as dry as possible, but captain tolley’s will still work with a small degree of moisture present

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