Find and Fix Leaks

Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure

Captain Tolley

Traces and seals hairline cracks

Most leaks are caused by tiny cracks, often hidden to the eye. Formulated to be thinner than water, Captain Tolley’s actively draws into them using capillary action. Once in place, it makes a waterproof seal that’s strong, flexible and clear in colour.

Use on land and sea

Captain Tolly Uses
  • Portholes
  • Hatch Seals
  • Deck Fittings
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Captain Tolly Uses
Captain Tolly Uses
  • Flat roof cracks
  • Ceramics
  • Shower seals
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Captain Tolly Boat

Quick and Easy to use

It's a penetrating sealant, so there's no need to take anything apart. Just apply the sealant and it will travel to where it's needed.

Captain Tolly Boat uses Captain Tolly Boat uses
Judge Me
  • "Gets into holes and cracks
    No other sealants can"

    Yachting World

  • "It works its way into
    invisible openings and sets
    - a holy grail"

    Griff Rhys Johns
    (comedian & serious sailer)

  • "enables you to find your
    leak and fix it without having
    to tear things apart"

    Power & Motor Yacht

Our Story

Captain Tolley’s was developed by Peter ‘Tolley’ Jordan, an ex-ship’s captain with 30 years experience at sea. Skippering boats in all conditions he discovered most leaks weren’t caused by large obvious gaps but by small, hard to fix hairline cracks…

Captain Tolly Together
dependable since 1986
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